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Classes - Dealers Solution JDUG Summit


Our theme for this year’s JDUG Summit is to enable “Solutions to Win”.  Our markets continue to become more competitive as the competition continues to launch new offerings. John Deere Dealers must establish and sustain their competitive advantage to the customers they target, and together we are uniquely positioned to deliver “Solutions to Win” in the market! Solutions come in the form of software, infrastructure, processes, and best practices.  These solutions will help us deliver new opportunities that differentiate us from the competition.   John Deere Dealers, Dealer Solutions – JDIS, and Deere & Co Divisions sharing with each other, will allow everyone to be better equipped to plow through the headwinds and dig a path to remain the top dealer channel in the world.

2017 Highlights:

  • Last year we expanded the HR offerings to the general dealer attendees.  The response was overwhelming and we are taking it a step further.  This year we are offering a full track entitled “Effective Management and Leadership”.  No matter what your position or role is in the dealership, there is something available for you to improve your skill set to become more effective employees, managers and leaders.
  • New applications are upon us as we introduce new versions of Parts ADVISOR™, Service ADVISOR™, Service Admin Portal, and Dealer Inventory Tracking.  We will have everything from roundtables, study halls, and one-on-ones for these products where you can interact with the product and process experts to help optimize your operations. 
  • In addition, John Deere Financial has increased their tools to support financial products and services.  There will be classes to help you find ways to leverage JDF tools and systems to enhance your sales processes and close critical deals.
  • Again, each A&T dealer attendee will now receive 8 EDUCATE credits.

In 2017, we will be sharing “Solutions to Win” through better use of all available software tools to create an even higher level of service for our customers.  Match that with process improvement that will reduce expense, enable growth, and then you are set you up to Win. Regardless of where you are in your journey, come to the 2017 Summit to find new ways to leverage your investment in people and technology.

Let’s all share our “Solutions to Win” to deliver the best customer experience in the market.

2017 Class Schedule

2017 Class Descriptions